Originally the house was built as a bread factory and used by a family who lived in the adjacent half-timbered house and sold their bakery products on the ground floor. The bread rolls had the reputation of being the best in Bockenheim.

In the course of the reconstruction, the factory received its still existing green roof – the first of its kind in all of Germany! The enormous renovation costs were also provided by the city.

The baker family moved and sold the house with the assurance that it would be preserved in its original condition.

Since then the half-timbered house has been rented, the factory building has been renovated and a large loft apartment has been installed on the ground floor.

Social use

The upper floor of the former factory had long been designed for “social use” and accommodated a variety of projects:

Language school
Third World House
Tibet house
Yoga studio

Fights for the house

Autumn 2017:

The owner and the city planned to sell the buildings to the investor RHHG Projektentwicklungs GmbH & Co. KG together with an adjacent public green space.

→ Danger of demolition of existing buildings on the site and construction of new apartment buildings with underground car park, which would not be affordable for most people.

September 2017:

Petition of the citizens* initiative to preserve the site (BI) with the demands on the city
→ not to agree to the sale
→ to apply the preservation charter
→ Keep the public informed and involved

→ If the site is converted into apartments: at least 30% subsidised living space


Various BI actions, events and debates

April 2018

* Success of BI! No majority in the main and finance committee – the sale was stopped

* further in April: a fateful conversation between a person of ours and a resident of the nearby old people’s home, who was upset about the situation of the house, gave the initiative for…

…May 1, 2018

Foundation of the association ISH – Initiative Social Hub Bockenheim

July 2018

* The building is on the verge of being sold again!
* Demands of BI, Ortsbeirat 2 and ISH, the city should object to the purchase and use its rights of preemption.

Activities of the association in the following months

Project presentation and presentation of our usage concept to the local advisory board 2
Participation in district tours
Participation in housing protests
Participation in district festivals

September 2018

Sale of the house to the current owner
In the averting agreement, the living space in the half-timbered house is guaranteed for only ten years.


* Change of tenants* inside the half-timbered house

* Vacancy of the former baking house – until…